Fuerza Bruta: Wayra. I had no clue what was going on.. But it was a very cool show. #fuerzabruta #thesearehowgirlsslideintomyDMsJk #thotdive go see it, pretty exciting show.

Thank you so much to all those people who came out last night. @que_mas @c.h.i.s.e @carlynnuh and I were able to raise $7000+. We really hope this helps @brandenriquez and his family out. Here are some clips from last night and if you weren’t there here are some clips you definitely missed out on! #TurnedUpforB #7kthough #turnupforb #alltheseperformersKilledit #wakeupbrandensoyoucanwatchthis 🙏 #wakeupsoonmanALOTofpeopleMissYou

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